Vigor Guild Application
Welcome! <Vigor> is a hardcore, Alliance, NA guild on the Elysium PVP server.
What is your character's name? *

Hello {{answer_36397188}},

Thank you for taking the time to apply with .

Please fill out the following questions so that we can get to know you better.

Answer each question to the best of your ability. Polished applications will receive more attention than those with little effort.

If you have any questions, please message an Officer in Discord.

Let's do this!

About You

How old are you? *

What position are you applying for? *

What class are you playing? *

What spec do you plan to raid with? *

Please list your intended raiding spec in either x/x/x or "frost" format.
Do you have an armory/ link?

If yes, please link the url below. If you are a fresh character, but have a retail character, please list your retail characters armory url if applicable.
{{answer_36397188}}, what is your raiding experience? *

Please list all previous raiding experience, be it from retail, private servers, or other mmorpg's.
Briefly describe your playstyle for us. *

For instance, are you a "clicker?", do you use macros or mouse-over macros, keyboard turn, move with a mouse, etc.
{{answer_36397188}}, is there anything else you would like to share about yourself? *

This is a free for all. Tell us about how awesome you are!
Guild Requirements

What addons are you using? *

Required Addons:
BigWigs Boss Mods
KLH Threat Meter
SW_Stats OR DPSMate
Luna Unit Frames OR PFUI
Please provide a link to a screenshot of your UI. *

You can upload a screenshot at
Can you consistently make our required raid times? *

Sunday's, 6:30pm - 10:00pm PST, 3:30 GMT +1
Monday's, 6:30pm - 10:00pm PST, 3:30 GMT +1

We have optional raids throughout the week for Onyxia and eventually ZG resets. Raid times are the same as our main raid, and will generally be on Wednesday/Thursday.
The final step of the application process is a voice interview in Discord with our leadership. Do you have a functioning headset/mic? *

What is your Discord name? (Name#xxxx) This is how we will be communicating with you. Please download discord at the below link, create an account, and list the account name below. *

You can download Discord here:

Here is our Discord link. Please join our discord once your account is created.
Raids almost over...

{{answer_36397188}}, have you looked over our guild rules? *

{{answer_36397188}}, have you looked over our loot rules? *

Final boss...

What type of loot system do we use? *

Do you have any extra information, comments or requests you would like us to consider?

Remember {{answer_36397188}}, you MUST join our Discord if you want your application to move forward. Please ensure that your discord name includes the name on your application as well.

Our Discord:
Our Website:
Raids over! We can't wait to check out your app and will be in touch via Discord soon!

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